A Modern Pinup Look with 34 Minutes Shoes

A Modern Pinup Look with 34 Minutes Shoes

Glamming it up everyday in heels can be exhausting…and sometimes flats can make me feel frumpy.
So I was happy when 34 Minutes reached out to me to style their comfortable heels in one of my modern pinup outfit posts. Their new vintage inspired sandal designs are right up my alley because they are pinup worthy, sort of makes me think of Carmen Miranda with a twist of Peggy Bundy.

Even with The Vickie that stands at 4.5 inches, I am a happy and comfortable pinup…the one inch platform and suede sole definitely do the trick. ooooh, happy little feet. I ran up and down the courtyard as I was doing this outfit post and was not scared of tripping or slipping…my biggest fear was that I would flash someone in my skirt! haha!

If you’re wondering, “what’s it gonna cost me?”
The Vickie has a $239 pricetag but obviously well worth it…The designer of 34 Minutes – Michele Colon, practices holistic podiatry and is a fashionista herself, so she knows what she’s doing!

Being such a fan of this style I sweetly asked 34 Minutes if they would gift a pair to one of my lovely readers…
AND THEY SAID YES…lucky you! Your feet will thank you! you better enter this giveaway for a chance to win…so what are you waiting for…hello!
by Marlita On The Run



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