Why are the shoes called “34 Minutes”?

Why are the shoes called “34 Minutes”?

Why “34 Minutes”?

As a foot and ankle specialist, I’ve been working with feet and shoes for over 15 years, and during that time I’ve been doing research on shoes and, more specifically, on how to make women’s shoes feel better. I’ve taken my medical expertise of the function of the foot and combined it with my shoe research to incoporate advanced cutting-edge technology into high heel shoes to make them feel better, even after a full work day or a night on the town. In doing this, I will show you that we can break that 34 minute barrier. And that is the basis behind our name, 34 Minutes. Let me explain…

Do you know how long it takes, on average, for a woman’s high heel shoe to begin hurting and pinching her feet? That’s right, 34 minutes. Why should women have to suffer after 34 minutes in their heels? Well, we don’t have to. We can have better heels. And we can feel better in them. What it takes is the desire and dedication to make a woman’s shoe feel as good as it looks, and that is what I have.

Some people will say that we have to choose between feeling good and looking good, that we can’t have it both ways. Oh, yes we can. We can have both comfort and style. Who says comfortable shoes have to look matronly and unattractive? Who says we can’t have comfortable shoes that look sexy and stylish and fashion forward? Who says we can’t listen to what women really want? Women want to look good and feel good. Women don’t want to have to choose between fashion and comfort. We don’t have to choose. We can have it both ways. We can have our cake and eat it too.

So I’ve teamed up with my sisters, both fashion designers, to come up with a line of women’s shoes that fuses their fashion forward designs with my patent-pending comfort technology. We invite you to take a look at our designs here and try them on so that you can see for yourself how comfortable a high heel can be if it’s made with this in mind. You will love the fit, the feel, the look and come back for more.

Our debut collection are available in select boutiques and online.


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