Why “Made in the USA”?

Why “Made in the USA”?

Dr. Summers’ Turns to Fall: Redefining Sexy, Comfort Shoes with a Made in the USA Brand

Los Angeles, CA.— As a shoe, foot, and ankle specialist for the last 16 years, the ambitious Dr. Michele Summers has taken on a new challenge: to aid women who want to look sharp, sophisticated, and polished in high heels beyond the first 34 minutes- the average time it takes for a woman’s foot to hurt in heels.

Co-founder and designer of 34 Minutes Shoes, Dr. Summers, teamed up with her two fashion designer sisters to come up with a line of “Made in the USA” women’s shoes that fuses their fashion forward designs with her patent-pending comfort technology. “Some people will say that women have to choose between feeling good and looking good- that we can’t have it both ways,” said Dr. Summers. “I want to show women how to break that 34 minute barrier of pain with our sexy footwear.”

After a stint of working with shoemakers in Europe, the Summers’ sisters insisted on re-launching the brand in nearby Los Angeles. The decision of being a “Made in the USA” brand improved our entire production process,” said Dr. Summers. It means their business participates in fair labor laws while creating more jobs in the United States, and they avoid sweat shops that are common production practice in other countries.

Dr. Summers also has more access to high quality materials, and she is able to oversee and edit production first hand versus hiring a third party agent to ensure quality production. “Too many times I have heard how factories in other countries cut corners to save on costs, and if there is not someone physically there representing the brand – whether it be a third party agent or an employee of the company – the company may not know until it is too late,” said Dr. Summers. “It wastes time, money, and other resources on production, and the higher costs get transferred to the customer in the long run.”

As Dr. Summers completes her first year of 34 Minutes Shoes being a “Made in the USA” brand she proudly debuted the new fall/winter 2013-14 styles at the FN Platform Magic Show in Las Vegas. Since making the decision to manufacture and source materials in the United States, it has created an opportunity for the 34 Minutes team to create a more complete and cohesive shoe collection.

There are 18 styles being released in the Fall/Winter collection, and the Summers’ sisters were inspired by the warm colors of fall with suede and patent leather textures to match the season. Design elements include keyhole peeptoe platforms, built-in orthotics that molds to any type of arch for maximum comfort, and wide elastic strappy sandals paired with suede lining.

The styles range from powerful high heels that would get a woman through a full day in the corporate board room to low heels and flats that could be worn for a night on the town. “With 34 Minutes shoe line women can accomplish their goals while inspiring a new pain-free fashion,” said Dr. Summers. The spring/summer collection will be available online and in stores March 2013, and details can found at the http://34minutesshoes.com/ website.

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