Why Shoes?

Why Shoes?

Why would a podiatrist make shoes for women?

I’ve been a practicing podiatrist for over 17 years, and as a physician, my mission has always been to help people’s feet feel better. And now, as a shoe designer, my mission has not changed. I am on a very focused mission to help women’s feet feel better in their high heels without having to sacrifice style.

Let’s face it, women are going to wear high heels. Period. Whether it be for work or fun, we are going to wear sexy, stylish shoes. I have always told my patients that there is a time and a place for every type of shoe. High heels are not meant for running marathons, just as sneakers are not meant for walking the red carpet. It would be easy to tell women “don’t wear high heels” but that is unrealistic, and I think we all know it. Women are going to wear them anyway, right? So what should women do who have to dress up for work? What do we tell the women who are in an occupation that requires them to look stylish and professional, such as attorneys, executives, real estate agents, sales people in fine boutiques, and the list goes on and on…? These women have to wear dressy shoes, but why must their feet suffer in pain while they are doing it? Why can’t we make shoes for women that feel better and less painful?

Well, I am telling you and them that their high heels don’t have to be painful. We can make women’s shoes feel better while still looking good. As a medical professional, I know that we can do it. This is where my years of experience working with feet and their pain points comes to the forefront.

We always hear that famous line “beauty is pain” but it doesn’t have to be. Fashion does not have to be painful. Looking good should mean feeling good, both inside and out. And that is why I have extended my mission from helping my patients’ feet feel better to helping women’s feet feel better while looking stylish and feeling sexy.

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